Gift an Experience to Your Loved Ones!

Gift an Experience

Gifting flowers, chocolates, cakes, coffee mugs and photo frames is so passé now. So what is the latest fad in gifts? It is to gift an experience! Why pile on yet another physical commodity on a dear one who is already stocked to the hilt with material possessions? Why not give them a few moments of true happiness by laying ... Read More »

Memories on Canvas at Canvaschamp

Canvaschamp logo

Thanks to digital cameras and smartphones, we all love capturing memories with a click. Before your most treasured memories land up forgotten in the archives, why don’t you get a special few framed and mounted on your wall? Recently blessed with a little baby, we wanted to mount a particularly special family picture and coincidentally, just then, we came across ... Read More »

Bag Deals and Discounts on CouponZeta

CouponZeta Logo

In a world that is increasingly taking to online shopping, coupons, discounts and offers are always welcome. As online shoppers vie to search the best deals they can get, coupons websites are springing up in large numbers. As another new player, CouponZeta, joins the world of online shopping, Online Review Pal brings to you our experience and impressions of this coupons ... Read More »

Five Wacky Online Shopping Websites You Must Check Out!

Wacky Online Shopping Websites

What does online shopping mean to you? Apparel, footwear, groceries, tickets, recharges and gifts? What about utterly crazy, eccentric , funky, quirky stuff? To amuse yourself, to tease a younger sibling or just-for-kicks with your buddies. Here are five wacky online shopping websites that have put together a spread of absolutely innovative and unique products that will have you in ... Read More »

Deliver Rakhi Gifts Online this Raksha Bandhan

Rakhi Gifts for Loved Ones

The seven seas are no longer difficult for a Rakhi to transcend. With international jobs, easy travel and study requirements, many brothers and sisters will find themselves in distant cities and even countries this Raksha Bandhan. The good news is that online portals have made it possible to break the barrier of distance and get Rakhi gifts delivered to brothers ... Read More »

Mobile Commerce: The Way to Go?

Mobile Commerce

Where do you find yourself shopping online the most? Is it in front of the comfortable large screen of your laptop or PC? Or are you often found with your nose dipped into your smartphone, eyeing a basket of your favourite goods? If the stats are to be believed, over 50% of online shoppers in India are now filling their ... Read More »

Beauty at Your Fingertips with Online Shopping

Beauty at Your Fingertips with Online Shopping

“Next time you think of beautiful things, don’t forget to count yourself in” ~ Anonymous Make up is one of the most important aspects to look beautiful. It is the face of a person that attracts our attention first. Hence, you need to keep the glow on your face throughout the year. It is this glow or beauty on the ... Read More »

Six Reasons to Buy E-Books Online

Six Reasons to Buy an Ebook Logo

Flipkart brought a revolution in India by introducing the fad of shopping online for books. Suddenly books of all genres were accessible, easy to order and reached one’s doorstep. Eventually, a number of other players entered the market in this country, offering books at competitive prices. Landmark, Amazon, BookAdda and many more entered the fray to stake their claims. While ... Read More »

Five Things To Get Online this New Year!

Things to Get Online This New Year

Yet another New Year has arrived with a lot of promise, of an improved life, better health and more happiness. As we prepare ourselves for the next 11 months of 2015, here are five things to get online this New Year. 1. Personalized Calendar A calendar is something that stands on your desk or perches on your wall and peeks out at ... Read More »

Maulana Azad Medical College: A Peek Through


As the admissions’ season approaches and you check the box against various entrance examinations, we realized that students no longer need to run from gate to gate and campus to campus as they plan their higher education. A horde of information is now available at the click of one’s mouse. What that means is that now, you can go online ... Read More »